Trenching and Excavation Safety

Trenching and Excavation Safety          April 28, 2010

(Competent Person)                            1PM-5PM


Training time: 4 Hours.  Information to be presented: There is no excuse for a worker to be hurt or killed by a cave-in.  OSHA regulations (1926.651) require that “daily inspections of excavations, the adjacent areas, and protective systems shall be made by a competent person for evidence of a situation that could result in possible cave-ins, indications of failure of protective systems, hazardous atmospheres, or other hazardous conditions.  An inspection shall be conducted by the competent person prior to the start of the work and as needed throughout the shift.”  This course provides the knowledge to meet this requirement.



·         Hazards, Review of Accidents, and the Human Factor

o       Dangers of excavations

o       Case studies

o       Human factors involved

·         Laws, Policies & Penalties

o       Federal

o       State – Texas

o       Civil & Criminal Liability

·         Soil Mechanics

o       Factors influencing soil strength

o       Factors influencing cave-ins

·         Job Planning & Excavation Safety Plans

o       Traffic control

o       Utility notification

o       Site preparation

o       Determining soil types

o       Determining the safe method

·         Three ways to provide cave-in protection

o       Slope

§         Determining the safe angle

§         Sloping and Benching

§         Multiple benching

o       Shoring

§         Screw Jacks

§         Aluminum Pneumatic

§         Aluminum Hydraulic

o       Shielding – Trench Boxes

§         Certification

§         Installation, moving and removal

§         Acess & Egress




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