Anti-Discrimination-Harassment-Intimidation Policy

Anti-Discrimination-Harassment-Intimidation Policy

Training time: 2 Hours: Information to be presented: Federal Government laws require employers to provide employees a work environment that is free of unlawful discrimination harassment and intimidation. The purpose of this course is to provide employees with the information necessary to identify, report, and prevent discrimination, harassment, and intimidation in the workplace.


  • Explanation of the Anti-Discrimination-Harassment-Intimidation laws
  • Know what it looks like and who it affects
  • Understanding why it matters
  • Know how to report it
  • Discuss guidelines for addressing and preventing this abusive behavior

Who will Benefit

Owners, project managers, superintendents, safety coordinators, foremen, and employees who might be subject to OSHA’s regulations.

Class Schedule


6918 W. Expressway 83

March 12, 2014


2:30 PM –4:30 PM



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