Plan Room

AGC Plan Room Service - The Rio Grande Valley Chapter, AGC maintains our Administrative Office and Plan Room at 6918 West Expressway 83, Harlingen, TX 78552. The Chapter also operates the Hidalgo County Plan Room at 505 East Expressway 83, Pharr, TX 78577.

Plans and specifications for many commercial construction projects in the Rio Grande Valley are filed in the AGC Plan Rooms by the leading architects and engineers who cooperate with the Association. We have plans available for your use 24/7 and also include the service of photocopier and blue print copier.

The Weekly AGC News Letter carries construction reports on plans in progress and includes: Scope and description of the project, Bid date & time, Pre-Bid Date & Time, Trade items to bid on the project, Bidding General Contractors, GC Phone and Fax numbers, Architects/Engineers/Owners, phone and fax numbers, Addendum Notification. Information concerning the Low bidders, as well as Contract awards are also provided within the AGC Weekly News letter.