RGV-AGC Testimony – Abraham Matamoros


Abraham Matamoros, Marek Brothers Systems, Inc:

We’ve been in this market for over 25 years. Being partnered with the AGC, it’s been over 10 years. It definitely leaves us to opportunities to network with our client base, provides a hub for us to get in front of our customers outside of the workspace area.

We get to be involved in several of the events that the agency hosts, such as the Fajita Cookoff, the golf tournament, things like that that we are able to basically be in front of our customer on a face-to-face ability and start to network and build relationships with that. So that’s really a strong reason I think being a part of the AGC is definitely something we’re going to continue doing.

So, if you’re interested in joining the AGC, I’d reach out to Joey Travino here in Harlingen office. He’ll get you signed up and trust me, it will be beneficial for your business.