Testimonial Video


I completed the RGC-AGC certification for construction superintendent last year. We have a construction company and I am very new to this. Twenty-four years of my life, I dedicated myself to education as an administrator. So when I jumped ship and came to join my husband in the business, I had no idea. 

So this course was offered. I read the syllabus of what it entails and I thought it would help. It took me about 6 to 7 months to complete it at STC. After I went through the course, what I take back with me will always be a benefit to the business. It guides you. It gives you insight of what you need to know, and then go out in the field and then you do it. Then you have those “aha moments.” It is a program that has benefitted me as a female in the construction industry. I feel more empowered, more knowledgeable, more equipped to help in whatever aspect. 

I even go out to the field and even check, seeing if the critical paths are going, talking to project managers, talking to superintendents and laborers. I feel like I can understand but also know what to ask for and then talk to vendors and at the same time I myself am growing internally. Then I can benefit our business to grow in the construction industry.